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Ордена, медали

There are 719 works of art in this category

Cross for the Defenders of Saragossa (2nd Siege). Obverse

Pfalz-Neuburg. Pfalzgraf Ottoheinrich and Philipp, 1528

Premium Medal of the Municipality of Lima to Rocardo Melson

Prize Medal of St Petersburg Society of Trotter Race Lovers, Commemorating the Transfer of the Race on Semenovsky Parade-Ground in 1881. Obverse

Melchior Zobel, 1551

Brandenburg. Kurfürst Johann Georg, 1594

Badge of the Life-Guards Semyonovsky Regiment

Medal in Honour of Prague Seizure. Face

Medal for the Battle of Cahul. Face

Medal Block “In Commemoration of the Reign of Emperor Alexander III” and “In Commemoration of the Sacred Coronation of Emperor Nicholas II”

Pommern-Wolgast. Duke Philipp I, 1541

Saxony. Duke Johann Friedrich II. Medal on the Death, 1595

Badge of the Life Guards Rifle Regiment of the Imperial Family

Medal in Honour of Prince G.A.Potemkin-Tavricheski. Reverse

Sigmund Gabriel Holzschuher, 1629

Satirical anti Papal Medal

Резные камни

There are 1496 works of art in this category

Double-sided Intaglio. The Crucifixion with the Virgin, St John and Mary Magdalene. Reverse: Christ

Cameo. Empress Antonia

Intaglio. Portrait of Mithridates VI Eupator (ring)

Cameo: Two Birds on a Vase

Cameo. Jupiter Serapis

Intaglio in the Form of a Scarabaeoid. A Rooster

Cameo. Mask of Satyr

Double-sided Cameo. Female Theatrical Mask

Intaglio. Portrait of Pope Gregory XVI

Intaglio. A Sacrifice

Cameo. Meleager with the Wild Boar's Pelt

Cameo. Fishermen in a Boat

Cameo. Heraсles

Cameo. Aeneas Asks for Help from Dido

Cameo. Cybele

Intaglio. Achilles Playing the Cithara


There are 224 works of art in this category

Molivdovul. Basil II and Constantine VIII

Molivdovul. Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine

Molivdovul. Michael VIII Palaeologus

Molivdovul. Romanus III

Molivdovul. Justinian I

Molivdovul. Andronicus III Palaeologus

Molivdovul. Alexius I Comnenus

Molivdovul. Justinian II

Molivdovul. John III Ducas Vatatzes

Molivdovul. Theodora (? )

Molivdovul. Helena, Wife of Emperor John V Palaeologus

Molivdovul. Helena Palaeologina, Wife of Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus

Molivdovul: Ascension of Elijah the Prophet

Molivdovul. Romanus IV and Eudocia with Michael VII, Constantine and Andronicus

Molivdovul. Andronicus II Palaeologus

Molivdovul. Basil II

Монеты, бумажные деньги

There are 475 works of art in this category


Commemorative Taler with the Monument of the Devotion to Royal Bavarian Dynasty in Ober Wittelsbach

Drachm. Obverse: Heracles Taming the Cretan Bull. Reverse Side: a Horse




Sestertius. Head of Roman Emperor Claudius. Obverse

Copper Nominalis

Stater. Obverse: Head of Ammon Zeus. Reverse Side: a Impressed Square


Banknote (Kerenka). 20 roubles

Copper Nominalis


Coin. Copper Nominalis